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Michelle "Meesh The Great" Flowers is an influential new thought leader, mystical arts sorceress and a strong voice for the BIPOC and LGBTQ+ communities. Her deep compassion and vast knowledge of the healing arts allow her to build unique worlds for each person she interacts with.

Michelle “Meesh The Great” Flowers’ work is a representation of herself and the many obstacles she’s been through over the years. One of her many great obstacles came/included serious health issues but she bravely chose the path less traveled to find ancient wisdom and timeless energetic teachings to heal herself from the inside out. Through the many tools obtained, Meesh lost over 100 pounds naturally with all four of her Reiki healing attunements, and she has gained a deeper understanding of the yin and yang of her divine energy. Meesh’s teachings allow her to transform ordinary events into mystical adventures for her friends and clients.

This exuberant artist calls herself a "Creative Healing Adventure Conjurer" and an esoteric creative. Meesh The Great creates experiences that promote deep inner healing and self-discovery. By using the ancient practice of Reiki, she infuses deep healing into everything she touches. From editorial quality goddess photoshoots that captures one true essence to transformative whimsical adornments that can shift the mood of any weary soul which reveal more about oneself than they’ve ever thought possible.


Meesh The Great is truly great.

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